Feedback For Growth: AASSA Presentation

In 2007 as I was pursuing my Masters in Educational Leadership I was introduced to the work of Carol Dweck.  Her research around fixed and malleable beliefs about intelligence had a profound impact on me.  Her research did not only change the way that I worked with students and faculty members, it also altered the way in which I spoke with my old children.  I had never realized how damaging it could be to tell my son Lucas how smart he was.

Since that time I have tried to approach everything through the lens of a growth mindset.  Red flags go off for me when I hear parents say to me, "But Carlos is just not very good in math." or teachers who describe students to others as "C students".  This year, I did a workshop for parents at Graded about how they could instill a growth mindset in their children.  It was from the excellent feedback that I received in that session that led me to develop the following workshop for teachers.  The workshop below couples the philosophy that Dweck lays out in Mindset with Grant Wiggins' practical Seven Keys to Effective Feedback.

Here is the form that we will use to capture the reflections that you have about effective feedback.  

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